We are a 100% Finnish owned company which recruits and mediates labour force to construction and constructional products industries. We fulfil our obligations as employers and pay our fees on time and correctly, we pay all our taxes to the state of Finland.

Depending on the season, we currently employ about 150-250 people, who are often professionals from different specialities. In addition to experienced professionals, our payroll also includes hardworking youth just beginning their careers.

Most employees have been in our service for a longer period, so we can confidently provide our customers with skilled workers who have good referrals. Depending on the customer’s need, we introduce them to the people most suitable for the specific job. We recruit necessary labour force from the free market in Finland and the Baltic states. We mediate workers for both short jobs that take a few days and also long-term projects. Regardless of whether your object is in the capital area or in the mines of Northern Finland – we can send necessary specialists for any job.

If you choose Lavonia as your cooperation partner, you can be certain that you will have skilled workers on your site as well as a partner who will help you whenever necessary. Our recruitment team is constantly up to date with our capacities to provide labour force to our customers. If you need hardworking employees, choose Lavonia.

Lavonia – the men you need for your job!